I am Jay, I am always drawing with a passion for Graffiti.  It all started for me back in the 1980’s, think Star Wars, Back to the Future, neon and big hair.  The Hip Hop movement had started and the vivid colours of the New York subway cars captured my imagination.  Unfortunately, I was a useless break-dancer, but the whole explosion of art, music and street culture was impossible for me to resist.

Jump a couple of decades on and Spray Days was born from a joy of drawing and spray painting with my own children at our home and in our garden, which proved to be a lot more exciting and quicker than waiting for the plants to grow.


Today, Spray Days offers the same enthusiasm and passion to a whole new group of artists.  We work with children, families, schools and friends to celebrate, create art and realise their potential.  Spray Days encourages expression, inspires confidence and raises self-esteem.  


“Art enables us to find and lose ourselves all at the same time”